Don't Tell and We Won't Ask

Evan. 22. Wisconsin.

    did it ever occur to you

     I might be the one who’s [ afraid ] of losing you

                                                                      because I’ve always been left  a l o n e ?

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Feel free to ask

  • January: sexuality/preferences
  • February: city/state
  • March: favourite colour
  • April: favourite hair colour & favourite eye colour
  • May: favourite manga & favourite anime
  • June: favourite book
  • July: favourite song/band
  • August: crush names
  • September: instruments I play/ want to play
  • October: favourite game
  • November: if I changed my name, what would it be
  • December: random fact about me :)



the world is NOT a beautiful place

there is a fish that swims up urethras, anglerfish males dissolve their own face and turn into a gonad in order to reproduce, and there is a bug that drills his dick into the female because they don’t have vaginas

the world is a horrifying place

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if you scream at 19yr old retail workers who are trying their hardest till they cry i hope you fucking burn in the deepest level of hell

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I think it’s cowardly for people who claim to care about you to walk out when you need them the most.

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